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Deep Soul Trustfeatured

  How can we TRUST that all is in divine and perfect order? For so many of us it is a feeling within.  It is a brand new internal world that is being created. So often I know I get caught up in the negative cycle of “who am I to express what I feel within my heart, when my Read more

Sharing your light

Sharing your lightfeatured

I’ve been finding myself writing and thinking about the space of the void lately.  It was a space for me that had lasted almost 2 years.  At the time it was excruciating and all kinds of deep core beliefs were coming up to be released.  I am happy to share about it now that I can Read more


Self-Doubt: How to Navigate the Muddy Watersfeatured

  Imagine opening your eyes under the water of a mud bottom lake that has been recently churned up……first off YUCK!! And secondly, how lost and alone do you feel just thinking about that? You turn your head every which way trying to see something, anything, that tells you, “come this is the way! This Read more


There is No Wrong Wayfeatured

You can never go the wrong way This post was inspired by a recent trip my daughter and I were taking in our new city. I was using my voice directed GPS and I found myself on the wrong highway going the wrong direction. I had completely misunderstood the direction, and to be fair, she Read more


Know Your Own Energyfeatured

Knowing our own energy is becoming more and more important as we remove the illusions of beliefs and ways of life that no longer serve us.  As with everything there is a slow, supported process at hand.  This process is helping you become more and more aware of your own energy How does this play out? Do Read more


All is in Divine and Perfect Orderfeatured

The truth that ALL IS IN DIVINE AND PERFECT ORDER is the “soul” reason I wanted to begin this blog. I do an incredible amount of reading on all things energetic and spiritual and when I hear this truth it resonates with every cell in my body. Total peace washes over me and I know Read more