About Me

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HELLO!! Welcome, and thank you for stopping by my blog, The Universal Mama!! This blog has been in my heart for a long time and I am so happy to be sharing it with you now!

I am a typical, everyday homeschooling mama who has become deeply aware of the spiritual journey I, and so many others are on.

I became very aware that life was taking me in a “different” direction about 9 years ago. My process and my journey of awakening to these subtle, universal energies has been intense, but beautifully orchestrated!!

This is my space to share and put a voice and perspective to this process so that others may feel comfort and know they are not alone.

My blog is about connecting everyday life to the process of our souls emerging as the conductors of our lives.

If you have felt like life has become chaotic or you are starting to question everything you have believed about life, you are in the process of waking up (if you so choose) and it is a beautiful thing!!

There is a new consciousness emerging and there is a call to embody more of our souls and release everything that is no longer our truth. If you are starting to realize there is indeed more to life than what you see you are in the right place!

I am here to bring comfort, give a sense of peace when everything feels like it is falling apart, encourage joy to emerge, and basically “en”-lighten the mood!!  I will speak to the power of trust that the next steps will emerge, finding your flow, how important and sacred sleep and naps are, letting fear go, not forcing anything, allowing joy to guide you and learning to BE in the present moment.

My intention is for a tribe to emerge where like minds come together and share, support and validate one another. If this resonates for you please drop in often, leave comments, message me, share with others and hop on my email list to get the weekly posts! You can also connect with us on facebook!!

I am so very thankful you are here! I look forward to connecting with you.

As always all is in divine and perfect order!!!