“And Therefore, Yes”……The Language of the Universe

“And Therefore, Yes”……The Language of the Universefeatured

“And therefore, yes” The Language of the Universe is blog post that came from the inspiration of an Esurance video…..ya never know when or how you will be inspired!!  Ok, so you know that really funny commercial with the beauty queen, Sorta Marge, in the big construction backhoe thingy? If you haven’t seen it you have to watch it!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CvBJAuPW2U Sorta Marge is giving her beauty queen speech………. which makes zero sense, and then to wrap up her speech she says “and therefore, yes” it is a perfect comedic moment, but it also got me thinking that this is exactly how it works with the universe. No, I don’t believe the universe is a beauty queen in a backhoe, but I do believe that the phrase “and therefore, yes” is the language of the universe.  Here is some background to what that means…….

We are the universe

We are incredibly intelligent beings in an incredibly intelligent universe. Energy responding to energy. We are the universe and the universe is us.  All completely connected.  We are not “those types of people” and “this type of people” we are intelligent energy that chooses the experience we have on this earth. (Important to note that none of this is at our mental, ego level.  All is at a soul/energetic level where we know we are eternal and eternally connected) We are guided and supported and loved through all of our experiences, but we are the ones creating those realities through our thoughts, feelings and intentions. We are souls, we are love, we are sparks of God’s light.

Becoming aware of our true nature

Love is the highest vibrating energy and this is all around us and within us ALL the time. We are souls here having a human experience. This experience is about us becoming aware and remembering what our true nature is. Most of us don’t realize this, most of us at this stage in the game believe that life happens TO us. When in truth life happens through us.  We function from the vibration (energetic language) that we hold.  Our true nature does not hold the vibration of fear only pure love.

Where do most of us function from?

We function from the belief that since we never know what’s coming next, what happens next COULD be really bad. Most of us function from worrying about the POSSIBILITY of “really bad”. We safe-guard for “just in case”. We function from what has happened in the past or what has happened to other people. We live in a bubble of fear that we believe is SMART AND SAFE.  There is nothing “wrong” with this, but because it isn’t our TRUE nature, there will always be a nagging feeling that we are missing something until we begin to step back and look with our souls eyes.

We are waking up

This mentality is what we are slowly breaking away from and beginning to realize is not the truth. We are awaking to realize that we are actually in a universe that supports us in every way, and there are divine laws that are constantly at work.

Once we tune into this frequency life begins to show up in miraculous ways. We still don’t know exactly how all parts of our life will play out, but we do develop a deep trust that all that is happening is indeed for our higher good.

The universe will never take over but always simply respond to what information is being sent through our thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

Our language

“And, therefore, yes” Is what the universe says to absolutely everything……ask and you shall receive or rather believe and you shall receive. Like energy attracts like energy, and EVERYTHING is energy.

Your thoughts, your words, your beliefs. All of them are energy and all of them are attracting your experience here in every moment. This is what the Universe responds to and brings situations, people, and circumstances that match the vibe of what you are putting out.

When we become aware of what our thoughts are, and even deeper, what our beliefs are we begin to reshape our experience. What do you believe? What do you put out into the universe everyday?

Do you believe we just get old, pay taxes and die?………”and therefore, yes”

Do you believe the only way anything gets done is if you do it?………”and therefore, yes”

Do you believe you always get short end of the stick?…………”and therefore, yes”

Do you believe you will never be able to afford x,y, or z?…………..”and therefore, yes”

Do you believe that you are completely, divinely supported in all parts of life?………..”and therefore, yes”

Do you believe that joy and abundance and love are your birthright?………………..”and therefore, yes”

Do you believe that all is in divine and perfect order?………..”and therefore, yes”

And the list goes on through every part of your life. Listen to your words, take note of your beliefs, and be aware of what you are sending out into the universe through your thoughts feelings and emotions. All of these are energy and all of them form your reality. The depth of emotion behind your thoughts feelings and beliefs enhances the magnetic pull of the experience you will attract. Are you attracting love or fear?, disgust or pleasure? Struggle or ease?

It’s a give then receive kind of thing

Anything you want more of in your life you must first focus on and give yourself. If you want support from others give support to others, if you want laughter and joy participate in laughter and joy, if you want understanding and love give understanding and love. If you want more abundance recognize and become grateful for all of the abundance around you. Give in the ways you are shown to give and more will flow to you.

We can change our story at anytime

Within each manifestation we are lovingly being shown what we want more of in our lives or what we want to release. All we have to do is become aware of the tone and quality of the thoughts and feelings we put out in order to adjust what we create. We are deeply supported in releasing what we no longer need to carry with us. Somethings will dissipate without our direct awareness. We have no idea how much we can shift within ourselves simply by focusing on our own joy and positive thoughts.

Remember the universe is a faithful supporter of ALL that we request through our vibration. She will always answer back….”and therefore, yes!” Be aware of your requests and always trust that all is in divine and perfect order.



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