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How to Change your Perspective

How to Change your Perspectivefeatured

How much of our lives change if we choose to simply change our perspective? A whole new perspective I am sitting at my computer right now in the new space I have created to write. It’s a little nook where the light streams into the window.  I have my vision board with all of the Read more

Role of Release in Self-Love

Role of Release in Self-Lovefeatured

This is a month we tend to focus a lot on love.  I want to focus on love today, but not just any love……Self love.  I know this isn’t usually the “style” we think of and if you are anything like me you may roll your eyes a bit at the term.   One thing that is Read more

Lets Get Real

Lets Get Realfeatured

There is so much in life that is truly not how it appears.  The illusions before us distort reality and cause many of us to start to create a sub-reality to try to “keep up” with the illusions around us. Why do we function from so many illusions?  What is stopping us from loving what Read more