How to Change your Perspective

How to Change your Perspectivefeatured

How much of our lives change if we choose to simply change our perspective?

A whole new perspective

I am sitting at my computer right now in the new space I have created to write.

It’s a little nook where the light streams into the window.  I have my vision board with all of the ways I want my life to feel. I have my crystals and special nick-knacks.

Sitting in this space to write instead of at the kitchen table gives everything a different vibe. When I look around at my space I see different pictures.  I see different angles.  I see the light hitting my plants and walls in different ways from when I was a few feet away at the kitchen table.  The paint color looks different; the space feels more expansive from this view.

All I have done is physically move within my space and EVERYTHING feels different over here.

What if?

This simple change has opened a space within me that is questioning my perspective on everything.

What if it all came down to a simple change in perspective to shift everything within our worlds?

I have seen this happen over and over again. The littlest change can alter how two entities react to one another. That’s all that is ever happening over and over within our lives right?

We are one entity reacting to a million other entities one at a time right? The entity of “us” with the entities of; our husbands or wives, our sons or daughters, our love and our hate, our beliefs and our opinions, justice and injustice. It is all the entity of us reacting to the entities “outside” of “us”.

What if it all changes when we choose to change our perspectives? What if we all let down our “fight” and chose to see our worlds from a new view? What if that person, that group, that situation, that terrible injustice, that idea, that change, that vote, that anger, that hate; what if it were all begging to be seen from a slightly different perspective?

What if we get to let go of figuring out if we are right or wrong; or better or smarter, if we had the best view, if we knew all along, if we are supposed to do it this way or that way? What if all of that doesn’t matter? What if we have been missing the point all a long simply because of a perspective we are stuck in?

Truly, isn’t that all life is? Jumping from one perspective to another? One minute you acted and lived in this way until something came along and made, or helped you see it in a new light?

Where are you stuck?

I believe it is the times when we feel the most stuck that we are being asked to change our perspectives.

It has nothing to do with the thing we are fixated on as being wrong or the source of our pain or anger or hate. It is our souls asking us to make an internal shift to the other side of the room to see this from a new perspective.

A higher perspective.

Sort through all of it

There are so many words and so many opinions and so many judgements and so many ideas of should, shouldn’t, and supposed too.

It can all seem like endless clutter.

Like the papers and junk mail that pile up on your counters and you just look at it wondering if any of it is important. Wondering why it has been there so long, wondering what it will take to get it sorted and moved and then how to not let that happen again.

It is easy to get swept up in the chaos, and so often we don’t even realize that is exactly where we are at. It usually takes a drastic jostle to our reality to momentarily put things in perspective.

I don’t care if it is your job, your marriage, your political view, your messy home, your siblings, your finances, your exes. Any area of your life that feels stuck, negative, stagnant or ripe with conflict is an area that your light is not shining through.

How can we change our perspective?

We can instantly see these areas in our lives from a higher perspective if we look at it with love as our filter. The love that we naturally are is the perfect filter to see our worlds through. It will shine a soft light on everything that we feel is dark, or wrong, or damaged, and allow us to change how we perceive those things. It will allow more of who we are to shine through.

When we see things and feel stuck because of certain things we don’t realize it but we close ourselves off. We protect ourselves and don’t let our light shine through on that part of our lives.

These are all of the areas that are asking for a change in perspective. They are asking to be seen through a lens of love. We don’t control outcomes we shift internally to move into new spaces.

When we try to function based on the negative, emotionally charged feelings we have we never reach new ground.

We keep creating the same hurdle.

This does not mean we deny the emotions we have, it just means we do our best not to function and make judgments or choices from this space anymore.

We change our internal landscape, which in turn changes our external worlds, by becoming aware and filtering everything through the light and love that we are.

Take inventory

Take an inventory in your life and see the areas that could use a new perspective. The more we can make these shifts the more joy and love we welcome to join us in our realities. Seriously, how exhausted are you by all of the things you feel you need to rage against? Soften the edges around everything in your life and see where love is asking to be present. This doesn’t mean that things will fall apart or miraculously be wonderful or solved, it means that whatever happens at least it will be from a space of peace within.

All of that from moving my computer space over a few feet. Just imagine what we could all do with a little shift in perspective and the eternal knowledge that everything is always in divine and perfect order.



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