Does Your Joy Come From Within?

Does Your Joy Come From Within?featured

Does your joy come from within or does it depend on the reaction of others?

This is a question that really made me stop and observe where I was trying to pull my joy from. For the most part there was always a part of my joy that depended on how someone else in my life would behave or react.

With my focus outside of me, I made it impossible for anyone else to really focus on me. This kept the merry-go-round going of trying to pique the interest of anyone else in-order to experience the joy of that connection.  If I wasn’t connecting with myself no one else was going to be able to connect with me either. I chose to jump off that merry-go-round. Yes, I skidded out in the woodchips initially, but I hopped up and went to jump on the swings instead!!

I am really experiencing the idea that the more you do what brings you joy the more life brings you joy. Life is always going to match what you are putting out there. What you put out there is also going to attract others who are a match to what you have within you. This is how you attract your tribe. When you first begin to change your focus it is going to feel like you have skidded out in the woodchips of life. You are going to separate from the people who are still on the merry-go-round. There will be that moment that you are picking yourself up checking out your skinned knee realizing you are “alone” This moment is where the choice lies. Are you going to try to hop back on the whirling merry-go-round or are you going to turn around and see just how awesome the swings are?

Let’s talk about the nature of our energy and others

I know I can easily get caught up in this person is only this or that person only has that in them to give. It is a very human tendency to categorize and compartmentalize. It’s a survival thing, in this way we didn’t have to go meet every saber-tooth tiger to find out if they were going to eat our face. We just put all saber-tooth tigers into the “danger” compartment. Easy-peasy. Well, we are learning a new way now. We are evolving humans who are waking up to our divine guidance system. This system is fool-proof but we have to trust it and that just isn’t part of our human make up. But we are learning and growing!!

I am learning that we are each an entire kaleidoscope of the entire universe. We hold everything within and express according to our unique frequency. Each of us is a perfect kaleidoscope who reflects one another, and if our frequencies are enough of a match we are going to pull out within them whatever we are giving. It is true that not everyone is going to match our frequency but that will be abundantly clear and you will fall away from one another naturally.

I think if we can change the idea that how we function in life depends on anyone else or their reaction of us and start to grasp the new idea that we need to express what is inside of us at any given moment and those parts will start being pulled out of other people we would not be so hesitant to just be and do whatever we are feeling in that moment.

Expression of energy CAN change

It is also important not to leave a label on another person for life.  You never know what life experiences have chiseled away at their frequencies exposing more ways that you can connect.

There is a notion out there that people never change and here is my perspective on that. Souls and soul energy never changes. But the human expression of that soul energy can absolutely change. There is a wonderful energy teacher, Jennifer Hoffman, who says “see the divine, but deal with the human.” This was a major turning point for me to learn to see the difference in these two expressions.

I have always been a person that sees the very best outcome and possibilities for other people. I can tune into their soul energy and see their life from that space. I had to learn to add the human equation into that and realize their human aspect may not be ready for all that their soul has planned for them. They may not even see any of that within themselves, or believe that it could be possible.

Previously I would have done anything for someone to help them out, believing that they were moving toward this soul expression only to be disappointed that they weren’t even trying!! This was so unfair for both of us!   I had to be willing to let this need for them to see themselves the way I saw them go.

I got to experience the other side of this and found out how desperate it feels to have someone see more in you than you see in yourself. It’s flattering, but it makes the gap that is there feel insurmountable. I have been gifted the lesson in this life to know self-doubt and low self-confidence I have worked up one side and down the other with these two burdens and I am finally finding myself in a space of turning inward to fill these voids instead of trying to do everything externally to make them go away.

Embody joy.

I am learning that I have to embody joy and see self-worth from the inside before I will ever experience it outside of me. I have started doing this with my writing. I have always found total peace when I write and I finally started there. There is zero money attached to it, zero expectation, zero pressure to be anything or express anything other than what is right inside of me. I am in essence writing myself out of self-doubt. Sharing my writing with others took an incredible amount of courage; but I am finding that shining this little bit of light is giving the universe something to “spot” me with and send even more of the same to me. What do you do that is purely for you?

We are all always connected to the universe and the universe is always supporting us along the way even when it feels like it’s just slamming door after door in our face. The universe is always completely tuned into our truest frequency. It is helping us get closer and closer to what we really truly want. When you are able to start sharing little pieces of joy from within you the universe absolutely connects to that frequency and sends you more and more of what matches that.

It is time to trust that each and every one of us is doing our very best in each moment. We are to trust that as long as we follow that which resides in us we will attract everything and everybody that is a match to that frequency of joy. We are to trust that each person in our lives whether they are coming or going is attracting what they are a perfect match for. Our joy no longer depends on anyone outside of us. Our joy comes from within and will never lead us astray.

If you find yourself on that merry-go-round dive into the woodchips and start running toward the swings…..or anything that brings you total joy, and trust that as always, all is in divine and perfect order.


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