Is Self Prejudice Blocking Self Love?

Is Self Prejudice Blocking Self Love?featured

There has been a lot of focus on self-love recently and everything that it can bring into your life. So much of our worlds can change if we change the internal landscape with self-love at the very center of who we are. When we love the being and souls that we are we pay gratitude to God and recognize that God is within us. God is that divine energy guiding our lives.

Self-love is becoming less of a far out notion and is becoming more and more the way many of us are living our lives. We are finding more joy, using kinder words as our internal dialogue and connecting with who we are at our core with all of the labels and titles gone. We are cutting ourselves some serious slack. When we do this we find that we naturally gravitate toward that which resonates deeply within us. Releasing the struggle of trying to strive for every little “leg-up” we can find. Releasing the need to figure everything out ahead of time and trusting the flow of the life we are in. We are turning a corner. There are very subtle changes, but changes none the less.

It is a goal of mine to really get to the heart of things and I was pondering what else could be said about self-love that would be of value as we are moving along through this new territory? I wanted to address what could block us from this goal of self-love. I have been doing some course work and as I was reading there were words that popped off the page and hit me as a definite barrier to total self-love. Those words were; “are we prejudice against ourselves?” I think this is something most of us would deny right away, but when we let it sink in I hear truth within this notion.

Think of all the ways we talk to ourselves and stop ourselves. The ways we question our own abilities. Think of how we don’t even start because there is an idea that we could fail. Think of all the ways we look at our past failures and decide that based on that information we are “destined” for failure again. We lump ourselves into this certain box of everything we believe we aren’t capable of. Think of all the ways we feel we can’t show up until we get other areas of our lives figured out. We corral ourselves and keep ourselves busy with everything that “isn’t good, right or perfect” about us YET. This practice keeps us from accepting ourselves right where we are and looking for all the things we desire and want to move toward.

Here is a list I can think of just off the top of my head. I’m sure you have many within you that would point right toward self-prejudice if you were to attempt to put these labels on anyone else.

“I’m too fat”

“I don’t make enough money”

“I’m not smart enough”

“I don’t know the right people”

“I was fired”

“I was divorced”

“I’ve quit before”

“I don’t matter to anyone”

“I am an addict”

“I was arrested”

“I’m not like “those” people”

These are just a few and I’m sure there are lists of thousands that are going through the minds of many right this instant.

Self-prejudice is a huge barrier to the goal of self-love. Overcoming this kind of barrier is an internal job. It takes focus on your internal dialogue and what you put yourself in the way of each day. Do you go through your day in self-judgment and constant self-control mode or do you fill your senses with all of the beauty that you are?

It is one thing to read awesome quotes on Facebook about self-love. (it really is awesome!! Check out the universal mama Facebook page) it is quite another to constantly speak to yourself and look at yourself in a loving way.

At first it feels foreign, as if you are lying to yourself. But the more you make it a part of how you function you start to open up a beautiful peaceful space within. This space that is not swayed by all of the outside commotion. Your self-love practice becomes a safe space where you see yourself the way God sees you……complete perfection.

Some of the best ways to begin is seek gratitude for all that you are. Get thankful for everything! Take the time to smile at yourself in the mirror and say the words “I love you” hokey…..yes, but so awesome!! Create a vision board focused on self-love. Create a list of intentions that highlight self-love as the center of what you want to move toward.

Listen to yourself speaking. Many of us could script an entire movie within 30 min with all of the negative scenarios we play out in our minds just while taking a shower!! Catch yourself and your automatic replays and pause, lighten the scene, laugh at yourself and say something encouraging to change the cycle.

Pay attention to how you address set-backs and challenges. Are you convinced this is the beginning of a nightmare or is this just highlighting something you need to see so you can move toward something better. Trust that everything is always working out for your higher good!

Use the power of prayer. Reach out to your angels, guides and higher spirits and ask for assistance in becoming more aware of how you can love yourself more each day. We honor our power when we pray, we don’t plead to be rescued. You are a powerful being that can change your internal world, and you don’t have to do it alone. All you have to do is ask for assistance and powerfully affirm your intention.

Self-love is without a doubt an internal journey. This is a dance that has the common steps of one step forward two steps back. Stay light in the love you bestow upon yourself. Don’t not criticize or judge yourself harshly when you fall back into old patterns. Just recognize, honor, and move forward. Self-prejudice is a pattern that we are very familiar with. It feels like truth, but remember it can’t be truth if it never embraces and brings to light the magnificence you are. Always look for the feeling of magnificent, if it isn’t there, it isn’t your truth.

All kinds of prejudice aim to keep a person within specific boundaries that they can never break free from. Seek out the boundaries you keep on yourself and begin to dissolve them. If we want to see change in our external world we have to start within ourselves. Never lose sight of the truth that all is always in divine and perfect order.


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