It’s Not Your Fault, It’s Your Growth

It’s Not Your Fault, It’s Your Growthfeatured

It’s not your fault, it’s your growth. When we begin waking up and shifting our perspective from “out there” to “in here” we go through the entire pendulum of emotions. We believe we are going a bit coo-coo. We feel jolts of inspiration and divine connection then we feel like we are ruining everything we have “worked hard” toward. We feel like there is a whole new world we are getting closer to, then we feel like everyone else has life figured out except us. We feel like we have this beautiful secret, and then question if we can trust ourselves.

All of it is inching us closer and closer to our divine truth. All of it is showing us that we have never been separate or less than God, we have never been on our own, and we are here for a divine purpose.

All of those feelings of anxiety and fear and distrust in anything deeper is what we are dissolving inside of us. The only way to dissolve it is to feel it and allow it to go.

There is so much we experience in our worlds that we have to reexamine and question from our new perspective. When we see our life and understand that we needed each and every encounter, situation, challenge, and heartache to get to this deeper truth within ourselves we can often go into victim mode and take on extreme guilt. We can begin to see all the pain and difficulty as our FAULT instead of our PERFECTION. EVERYTHING that we have experienced in our lives is meant for our growth.

The truth is the only thing that is our FAULT is our GROWTH. There is nothing that would have stopped you from making each choice you did in each moment. You couldn’t have grown without it and that is your only true purpose.

What does growth mean anyway?

Growth is when we realize there is a new way to view our life and its’ circumstances. We honor this new perspective by raising our energetic vibration from fear and doubt to forgiving ourselves and forgiving anyone involved in our story of pain and suffering.

That is all we are meant to do here. We are here to end the cycles of anger, fear, revenge, self-sabotage, hatred, irritation, dominance, manipulation and doubt.

In order to do this, we will wake up when it is our time and begin this process of forgiveness and release.

Where do you start?

We all have a time when we will “wake up” so to speak, and it is happening at a faster and faster rate right now. When you are ready and really want to begin moving this energy out and residing in a different energetic space you will look at your most challenging relationships and begin seeing them for the lessons and growth they are providing. Forgiveness and unconditional love is the name of this game. Once you start on this path, you will experience divine guidance and support in ways that are undeniable.

Note: Some choose to go back to sleep and keep functioning from learning in their karmic cycles. That is 100% ok. There is no judgment. For those that do choose this path, the karmic cycles will get stronger and faster until waking up is the only option.

The struggle doesn’t have to be real

At first you will wrestle with this as your mind tries to “protect” you by judging and brining up all the fears of why you should stay the same as you have always been. Why you should keep your guard up with this person and why that person should stay the “villain” in your story. That is ok, your mind is not yet sure what it means to follow the heart and has a learning curve to catch up with. It won’t feel easy and all the fears will feel completely real. Know that your truth of being divinely loved, protected and guided never goes away, and all of the fear is the illusion that you are breaking free from.

Growth is why we are here

In every moment your growth is happening. You truly don’t have to do a thing. Your soul is an expert at growth. There is so much happening without our conscious awareness. Once your mind gets on board with this process is when the magic starts happening though.

We are consciously with intention moving out of lifetimes of karmic cycles and into brining heaven to earth. We are here to grow past the constant cycles and into living our divine nature of love, joy, support, abundance and peace. I know when we look around it can seem quite the opposite, but there is a deeper truth that says otherwise.

What are karmic cycles anyway?

Karmic cycles are neither good or bad. They are just what we have been doing over and over and over and we are finally ready to move past this stage of growth. You will know you are in a karmic cycle that surrounds one of your deep fears when you are triggered by certain people or events. Anything that triggers, which means you give an instant emotional reaction, is something that is ready to be resolved, forgiven and released.

Until you release this energy no matter how many times you “leave behind” the people or situations that you believe are making you unhappy you will recreate the same trigger with new people and new situations.

It will keep getting more intense and more “in your face” until you finally break out of that cycle and choose to see it with love and forgiveness.

You will know you are free of this karma when you can think of or be presented with something that would have completely consumed you emotionally and you feel a sense of detachment and peace.

Not your fault, it’s your growth

I hope this helps in seeing things in your life from a new perspective. Nothing is your fault, and everything is for your growth. Honor all of the seemingly difficult people in your life for the lessons and growth they have provided you with. Keep moving toward that peaceful place within you that is your constant truth. From that space you will attract a life that emanates peace. There will still be difficult times but even these will be handled with a sense of peace instead of chaos. We are all in this together always moving toward the truth that all is in divine and perfect order.


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