EVERYTHING is Guiding us Toward More Self Love

EVERYTHING is Guiding us Toward More Self Lovefeatured

The self-love message has been getting clearer and louder recently.  It is starting to come into sharper focus.  More of us are holding onto this truth for longer periods of time.  It is the first thing I think of when I wake up now.  Everything seems to be pointing to self-love.  No matter how upsetting or intense circumstances are the underlying message seems to be that EVERYTHING beings with self-love.  At least that is the message I am hearing.

Where does self-love come from?

Constant support and constant love.  There is a space within us that knows this as the truth.  We catch glimpses of it now and then.  These are the times that peace washes over us and we feel and know that everything really is ok.  Those times that you just know there is something more to everything you see and experience.  This is the space we experience self-love from.  This is the seat of our souls.

Our souls are begging to be more front and center.  To really be at the helm of this human experience.  The only way they can be here 100% is if self-love is a constant in our lives.  Everything comes together when this is our truth.

Loving you is the same as loving God.  Loving you is that solid space inside that everything emanates from.  Once we are able to function from this space, the external circumstances are no longer what determines our happiness or peace.

We are no longer on the roller coaster ride.  Roller coasters can be fun and full of dramatic ups and downs but they are not the place to find peace and experience a true sense of comfort.

We are constantly guided to more self-love

We are coming through some incredibly intense energy.  Many may have experienced this as chaos, out of the blue problems or opportunities coming up.  People acting irrationally or more intensely, or just heightened emotions and deep introspection.

I personally felt the most intense fatigue I have felt in a long while and had a very unexpected sobbing jag while eating breakfast! I love to cry, but rarely turn to it as a way to release intentionally.  Usually it sneaks up on me and I have no choice but to let them roll! I felt so good afterward, but it left me really thinking about what I wanted more of in my life.  What I wanted to release for good and how I wanted to move forward.

When life seems like it is throwing you curve ball after curve ball and it feels like everywhere you turn there is another problem for you to deal with, take a moment to drop into your heart ( where all of life emerges from).  See how this situation is allowing you to let go of outdated energy that no longer works for you.

It could be anything from some clutter in your kitchen, to old beliefs that just don’t serve you anymore.  When life starts feeling more intense because of upheaval or change know that is a call to turn inside and just love all of  YOU.

The point is that everything you experience is an opportunity to move closer to your purest self, it is a chance to see things from a different perspective so that you can release the old and realize your deeper truth.

EVERYTHING in your life needs to be honored and seen for what it is without judgement of good or bad, right or wrong, it simply needs to be seen as the perfect place your soul has brought you to know more of your true being.  The perfect opportunity to love more of yourself.

New self-love land

This is what I came up with after my crying jag……I want to Love …..All of me…..All the time.

After such a major energy download (this is where those planetary alignments and movements give us major boosts) and huge releases…..(sleeping and crying is a big indicator that so much is happening for you in the invisible realms) I feel like we have reached a new shoreline.  We are on the edge of a space we have never been and we get to choose what we create in this space.

I know that I simply want to Love of All of ME.  I want to honor my own special pace, honor my desires from moment to moment.  I want to share my voice and my light as I am guided.  I want to trust each feeling, each emotion and each inkling as they come.  I am not governed by outside forces, obligations or judgments.  I know all that I need I will be guided to.

Imagine how solid and wonderful we could feel if we were the one person we always counted on.  If we knew that no matter what we would always be there for ourselves with outstretched arms, words of comfort, love, and new direction.

How comforting would it feel if every time we looked in the mirror we saw our favorite person  That is self-love folks!!  That state of being is so possible!  In fact it is exactly what we are moving toward.  That is God within us!  God is not out there somewhere.  That pure source of love and light is what we are made of.   It is our divinity.

Time to see where you are being called to love yourself

Take a look at everything that is happening in your life and see how it is leading you to more self-love.  Every challenge, every heartbreak, every difficulty is all a light-post guiding you to more self-love.  When we are solid with our focus on self-love we are able to extend grace outside of us.

All of those things that once upset us or turned our world upside down or threw us onto a roller coaster of emotions no longer have that same intense effect.  Instead we are able to see the situation from solid ground and detach from the intensity of emotion.  It is within this space that we can release judgment and extend grace.  Everything begins to open up and be released and healed when we practice more self-love.

Self love is not selfish

Another thing to note is self-love is not selfish.  It is one of the most loving things you can do for others.  When you are actively loving yourself you are a light-post for others to do the same.  Self love is the act of loving and creating a deep relationship with God.  God is not “out there” God is within us.   Sharing this with others is a wonderful thing if you feel guided to do so, but also know that just living in this way affects everyone you are in contact with day-to-day.  It is an energy that radiates off of you.

We are all on unique journeys but we are not alone.  Here’s to embodying more self-love, and embracing the truth that all is always in divine and perfect order.





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