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Big lessons are coming up for closure right now.  We are closing out a 9 year cycle so that we can start a new one free and clear of the lessons and karma from the last 9 years.   I encourage you to look back 9 years and look for the recurring themes and challenges you faced and seek final closure with them.  My lessons in the last 9 years centered around self-worth, self-value, self-love and recognizing what is mine and what is not mine to take on.  These are all intertwined for me.  When I start to expand and heal in one area I notice the other areas begin to expand and heal as well.

Share what you are learning

I trust that we are all connected and my lessons are your lessons and vice a versa.  This is why I share.  I trust that at least one other person needs to hear what I share, and the more I share the more I will find others sharing with me what I need to hear.

Lessons circle back around for final closure

I had an experience this summer that I wrote about in that moment, not realizing then that it was one of my big lessons.  It has circled back around within the last 2 weeks for what I consider final closure.  What has come up for you in the last 2-4 weeks that is begging for final closure.  Final closure means that you have learned that lesson and if this were to come up in your life again you would recognize it immediately and see other options, paths and solutions.

Here is what I wrote back in the summer of 2016 which was the first glimmer of the lesson of owning what is mine and not taking on what is not mine to heal.  Our life will give us perfect metaphors to learn our lessons if we are paying attention.  Mine was comical in that it was literally dealing with someone else’s luggage!

I recently had an unexpected mini argument with my husband regarding luggage and who should load it up. We have been living in hotels for the last 5 weeks so Fridays are check out days!!

He has to go to work in the mornings so I am the one who loads up the room and gets it packed into the car.  He has his small suit case and a few shirts on a hanger along with another bag of incidentals.   He asked me if he should take his stuff down or if I was going to do it.   I told him that if he could take care of his stuff that would be great.   Well, that wasn’t the right answer or at least not the one he was looking for.   It turned into a huffy puffy match and him storming out to handle putting his things in the vehicle.

Lessons are everywhere

You know me, I always see the under current message in EVERYTHING!   It was an immediate connection to a message of,  “Who is asking you to carry their load?”   He clearly wanted me to take care of all the room stuff while he went and took care of his work day.    He had the option of taking his things and putting them in his vehicle and leaving, but instead he felt that it needed to be in my vehicle.   This is another energetic connection for me of  “Who is asking you to carry their stuff around so that they are clear to move about freely?”   When you have the space and capacity to carry the load for others you need to be clear on what you are willing to do.

It is not our responsibility to carry the energetic load for anyone else. This little tiff allowed me to see where I allow myself to take on other’s energy and try to “help”.

Everything is our choice

It is my choice to allow this.   Nobody can make us do anything or believe anything we have not consented to.  It doesn’t matter how another person treats us, what they do to cause a scene, and it doesn’t matter what they feel we SHOULD be doing for them based on anything they feel they are doing for us.

We are each sovereign beings, meaning we have everything we need within our own vessel.  We don’t NEED anyone else to “complete” us or pick up our slack.   If two people have come together in mutual consent of honoring the strengths within the other that can be a really beautiful thing.   The energy gets mussed up when either party feels they are owed or is depending on the other to handle their energetic work.

When you are at peace you know it isn’t yours to own

You will know when this is happening if you are feeling at peace and calm while the other person is emotional and acting out and vice a versa.  Whenever a person is getting worked up and is demanding that it isn’t them, but someone else causing them to feel a certain way it is 100% their energy coming up to be evaluated.  They are looking for any place to put that chaotic energy so they don’t have to feel it.   If you choose to “take it on” for them that is completely your choice, but know that all it does for the other person is lull the beast back to sleep.   It does not resolve that particular energy that is coming up to be released.

If it is not love it is being released

Anything that is not love is coming up to be released and things can get chaotic when this happens in big waves.  We all have a choice to stand firmly rooted within our beings shining our own unique light or we can get swept up with the chaotic energies and try to attach to them as if they are anything other than old energy coming up to be released.  We feel this as a collective when there is any kind of major tragedy occurring.   It is easy to identify with the doom and gloom and worry about the future of our world, but we do all have the choice to zoom out and see it all from a much larger picture.   One where universal wisdom is always functioning and being executed to perfection.

Final pass

My most recent pass with this lesson revolved around something that had a very deep trigger for me.  It was all tangled within recognizing and standing firmly in my self-worth and honoring the value that I have and most importantly setting the new energetic boundary that I will only take on what is mine to hold and face.  I had to face the fears that were connected to this, I had to let go of the labels that I had put on myself and I had to trust that holding this new space will only bring about the highest good for everyone involved.

New affirmation

I am full of value and self-worth simply because I exist.  I hold my own space and shine my light as a beacon, honoring the ability in others to do the same for themselves.  I trust that everything that is designed for my highest good and my next steps will reveal themselves accordingly.

Find the message in EVERYTHING

Whew! All of that from a little tiff in a hotel room!! HA   By the way, I chose to let my husband feel how he needed to feel in that moment and didn’t take it on as my own, didn’t feel like I SHOULD have done anything different if I were a “good wife” and didn’t get too worked up over what just happened.  Believe me there were some choice thoughts running through my head, but ultimately I’m glad I chose to grab my computer and write rather than wallow.   He did end up calling later to apologize and recognized that what he was upset about had nothing to do with the luggage.  Several months ago started this energetic boundary being built and now that it is in place it is being tested, I’m will keep looking for the messages and the lessons within this to keep sharing.

No matter what we need to be kind to ourselves and each other as we navigate these new waters.  I believe that challenging does not have to be without love.   It takes a lot of practice and a healthy dose of humor to understand our own energy and how we are all connected. Ultimately we can all move forward knowing that all is in divine and perfect order.


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