Site Prayers

Dear Heavenly Father, rose-quartz-422715_640

Angels, Guides and Higher Spirits;

I pray to the Universal Wisdom within all who enter this site.  May you find peace, connection, validation, and comfort.

I pray that the veil of density be lifted for you to see your divine essence.  May seeds of truth be planted so that more and more can awaken to the truth that all is in divine and perfect order.

I pray that we feel joy and trust that our souls are leading us on a path to heaven on earth.

May all who enter this site trust in what resonates within them, knowing that their truth is all that matters.

I pray for the guidance to write only that which comes from my heart.  I pray to stay open and within the divine flow of only that which resonates with me in each moment.

I send deep gratitude and love to all who enter this site, and trust that all connections made are divinely guided.

For this I pray.

And so it is!