Owning Every Piece of Your Reality

Owning Every Piece of Your Realityfeatured

As human beings we have had a tendency to believe that we all see the world around us in the same way. It is our nature to believe that what we see is naturally what everyone else is seeing.

Typically, anyone who goes against the grain, as we see it, is one we deem “extreme” or just plain wrong or turning a blind eye. This is evident when two children grow up in the same home and relate very different childhood experiences.

Believe it or not seeing the world in this way is quickly becoming the old way. We are each, in our own time, waking up to truth that we each create the reality we need to see in that moment.

Every single one of us sees the world around us through a lens that is unique to us and the lessons our souls need to learn. We are slowly and steadily stepping into more and more of our sovereignty. We are honoring our unique path as well as giving space for others to do the same. When we can take care of our side of the street and lovingly look at someone else’s side without drawing comparisons or judgments, we know we are beginning to blur the lines of right and wrong and good and bad. This is where our peace and power resides.

What does it mean to own our realities?

Very simply, it means recognizing that we have created every part of our reality.

This means that we have chosen every challenge, every hard lesson, every moment of joy, every person and place. We pulled it all to us. The first question that usually comes to the human mind is “why in the world would we choose to suffer?!!” Our human mind is very linear and functions to compartmentalize everything and this notion just doesn’t fit anywhere.

Not mentally chosen, soulfully attracted

Our human minds did not mentally choose any part of our lives, and can’t plan for any part of our lives either. Everything that we experience is being drawn from a soul level. Our minds are always reacting after the fact. Our minds are masters at creating enough of a ruckus, mainly in the form of fear, to keep us focused on trying to avoid possible disaster. Our souls are there constantly humming the same tune in the same tone, never trying to overpower the voice of the mind. Our souls are quietly gaining every lesson and releasing everything that no longer serves its expansion. Our souls don’t need our undivided attention, but when we do choose to pay attention we see the divinity in everything.

How do we release what no longer serves us?

We first have to recognize the blame game we try to play. We have to see where we replay all of our “injustices” and “give away” our lessons instead of owning them.    

We try to give a piece of our challenges to each person that was “responsible” for our pain. We try to make them own it as something they “did” to us. In reality they were our “highlighters” they were called to our lives by us to highlight that challenge for us.   They made an agreement with us to create an experience so that we could see what we were holding onto and needed to release and forgive in order to live in more joy. Just as others do this for us, we are also doing this for others.

Becoming whole

The path of healing is about becoming whole and part of that is taking each piece we were trying to place on someone else and own that piece as our own. It can get heavy when we look at all the pieces we thought weren’t “ours” we can momentarily feel powerless until it dawns on us that the ownership is actually where all of our power lies. Once we get that part of the “puzzle” we don’t have to sit in all of the challenges we can intend to rise above them and begin to move our energy toward the release of that which no longer resonates at the energy level of blame, hate, revenge and anger.

Picking up the pieces

When we make that shift toward releasing and forgiving it does not have to be a long drawn out journey of going to each person we feel we have karma with to in order to be free of it. Often the biggest shift comes from forgiveness of ourselves and the rest effortlessly shifts from there. There are some we have more energetic ties with and will require more attention on our part of really understanding the purpose of the relationship.

Asking what you were meant to learn and gain, or release and forgive is part of creating the shift in perception that is needed to react in a new way. We don’t need the active participation of the other person in order to release our karma with them. Once you have found peace within the situation you are free and you can claim that piece of your puzzle. Becoming more whole. EVERY relationship and EVERY circumstance has the purpose of moving you closer to your wholeness.

Rising above

Every time we honor a difficult situation, experience forgiveness, or release that which no longer serves us we are rising above the level of energy that keeps it alive. Seeing things from a higher perspective allows us to disconnect from a level of energy that no longer serves us. At the same time honoring the choices of others to stay where they are or rise as well. Remember if you are feeling judgment about where people are in their lives there is something you are not honoring in yourself.  Always start with yourself.

Power is in owning it

So, when we start collecting our pieces of the puzzle at first it can feel like everything as we knew it crumbling. It is!! We have tried to build foundations and lives on keeping everyone in our lives in the compartment they are meant to be in. The ones who have hurt us, wronged us, betrayed us, loved us, helped us ect. When this doesn’t work anymore is when we realize we have to collect all of our pieces and see how ALL of it is what we created to learn as souls from this human experience. There is a compound effect that starts happening when we own more and more of our pieces, it becomes easier and easier to let those things go and forgive and release. It will begin to seem like certain feelings and things that triggered you before are just disintegrating within you. This is where your power lies.

We all have a choice

It is every person’s choice to own their stuff or not.  Every choice is the right choice in the moment. We are all doing the very best we can. We don’t need anyone’s permission to start owning our pieces and we don’t need anyone to own their pieces before we can move on. Trust that in each moment and each situation you are being loved, supported and guided and it is all for your very highest good. Pray for the highest good for everyone connected to you (that’s all of us!) Believe with all of your heart that all is always in divine and perfect order.


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